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First aid kits and medical supplies are essential in any workplace – and legally required in many. If dangerous chemicals and substances are in use, an eye wash station is important in case of accidental contamination.
Depending on the type of injury and place of work, it is important to ensure that first aid kits and supplies are kept well stocked. It can be easy to forget to re stock small items, especially because items like plasters and wipes may be used without logging accidents. First aid kits should be checked regularly so that the items within are kept at good levels.  Due to the nature of accidents, you never know when you might need a waterproof plaster or burn kit, so it is best to be prepared.
We stock separate plasters, eyewash refills and consumables as well as first aid kits in a range of sizes and body fluid spill kits. Our first aid kits come in sizes from single person first aid pouches and travel kits through to 50 person trader first aid kits. We also stock first aid kits which are BS 8599 compliant in different sizes, so that you can easily stay within the law and maintain British Standard compliance.
Our assorted plaster boxes are available with waterproof, fabric, and coloured plasters for the food industry. These are great for refilling first aid kits when stocks are getting low, without having to replace the entire kit.
If you are unsure which items are right for your needs, feel free to get in touch with a member of staff here at Key Supplies Ltd. We will happily talk you through your needs and requirements. Call us on 01772 768 505 today or email us at