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An important part of health and safety is providing the correct signage for your workplace. This can include PPE directives – for example reminding employees that hats must be worn in certain areas. First aid at work is a primary concern of any responsible employer, and first aid signs can be used to show employees and visitors the location of first aid kits, eye wash stations and spill kits.  We also offer graphics and warning stickers if you need to indicate hazard symbols and warning signs on floors or ceilings.
Fire safety signs, indicating the location of fire exits, extinguishers and assembly points, are a key part of keeping your employees safe. They can also be used to inform visitors and guests as to the actions they should take during a fire; shutting fire doors, using a fire blanket, or assembling in a certain place.
Construction sites can also make use of warning signs to indicate where work is taking place, or hard hats are required. Security signs, such as 'no tools on site', or 'CCTV is in use' can also be used to help protect the workplace and either reduce theft or catch criminals.
With our wide range of fire safety, first aid and health and safety signs, you can easily find the right product to suit your needs. If you require any more information on the dimensions or strengths of the bin bags which we offer, feel free to get in touch with us today on 01772 768 505.